5 Tips To Make Anonymous Phone Calls

While security, spying, and listening are at an all time high, its time to take a stand with phone lines.

Anonymous phone calls have helped whistleblowers, helped individuals leave anonymous tips to the court, have helped others leave an anonymous tip to an individual, or have even been used to make daily phone calls.

Here are five ways to make anonymous phone calls:

  • Buy a prepaid phone. Using prepaid phones you can get at the grocery store or market is very common. Make sure to buy the phone with cash, and only make the calls you need. Don’t store any contacts on the phone, or call anyone or anything that may leave a trace. Keep the phone off with the battery out till you need to make your call.
  • Disguise your caller ID with SpoofCard. SpoofCard.com is one of the largest phone spoofer services online. You get credits, or use their free/trial service and call in with your phone, once connected to their number you choose what number you want to appear on the victims phone, then you call the victim. There is absolutely no trace left on you as you call SpoofCard, and SpoofCard redirects the phone call to the victims number. The service is one hundred percent legal. Law enforcement agencies use it, Government agencies use it, individuals use it to protect their identity and/or make one time calls, and some people use it to pull pranks on others. Whatever the occasion is, you get to spoof your number and/or voice to the opposite gender, or shield your current voice. I have personally used the service, and the voice changer works, along with the caller ID spoofer.
  • Use Google Voice as a proxy number. Google voice allows you to obtain a %100 legal phone number. The number can connected to your current phone, email, or can just be used stand alone on a computer. Google voice acts as a proxy number. Maybe you want to give a company your number without comprising your real number or identity, use Google voice. Google voice can redirect phone calls to your phone if chosen, or can let others leave a voice mail. Google voice is 100% free to receive calls, and send texts. But to call other numbers with your Google voice number, you have to buy some minutes. Google voice is great to hide your real number, and make sure your identity isn’t comprised. Just be careful though, remember Google owns this service and will log all texts, calls, and numbers you enter forever, no matter what.
  • Use *67 before dialing the number. *67 is a very popular feature that blocks caller ID. If you use *67 before typing in the number you want to call, it will appear as “Unknown Caller”, “Block Caller ID”, or something similar. This will make sure that individual will not be able to call you back, get your name, and/or number. Everything in concealed to a “Private” caller ID. But your phone companies will still log all calls made this way, and the NSA can still listen in.
  • Use a payphone. Payphones are still globally placed around the world. Payphones have always been, and will continue to be the most anonymous form of calling.  Most payphones accept coins, and are in very busy locations (great for anonymity and to blend in). Put some coins in, and make the call %100 anonymous (of course be on the lookout for security cameras and drones). Some modern day payphones accept credit cards, or digital forms of payment. Never ever use that option. Card skimmers, RFID scanners, and many other tools may be hooked into, or around the payphone. Hackers can steal your data, and the call will be %100 traceable. Only use cash, coins, or some other form of non-digital payments if possible. Prepaid credit cards that can be found at the store would be okay if bought with cash at the store. Try and keep footprints down to a minimal.


Hope this simple tips to stay anonymous when making phone calls is vital to you?

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