9Mobile data plans

9MOBILE, formerly Etisalat, provide a range of data plans for internet browsing. Many people regard them as the best network for internet browsing.  However, what usually puts people off this network is the cost of the subscription. What are the 9MOBILE data plans? This is the focus of this article.

9Mobile Daily data plans and their codes

For N50 , you receive 10MB of data. Yes , just 10MB.

You don’t mind?

Then subscribe using the code *229*3*8#

N100 will give you 40MB of data.

To subscribe dial *229*3*1#

9Mobile Night data plan and code

1GB – N200 (12 am – 5am)

Code : *229*3*11#

9Mobile Weekend data plan and code

1GB – N500 (Friday 11.59pm – Sunday 11.59 pm)

Code: *229*3*2

9Mobile Weekly plan and code

150MB – N200

Code: *229*3*10#

From just the two plans above, it is quite evident 9Mobile is a big   mans’ network.

So, let us look at their other data plans and their codes

9Mobile Monthly data plans

500MB – N500

Code: *229*3*12#

1GB – N1000

Code : *229*3*7#

1.5GB – N1200


2.5GB – N2000

Code: *229*3*8#

4GB – N3000

Code: *229*3*35#

5GB – N3500

Code: *229*3*33#

5.5GB- N4000

Code: *229*3*36#

11.5 GB – N8000

Code : *229*3*5#

15GB – 10000

Code: *229*3*1#

27.5GB – N18000

Code: *229*3*3#

100GB – N84992

Code: *229*3*4*5#

9Mobile 3 months data plan and code

30GB- N27500

Code: *229*3*5*1#

9Mobile 4 months plan and code

60GB – N55000

Code: *229*3*5*2#

9Mobile 1 year data plan and code

120GB – N11000

Code : *229*3*3#


As is evident from the data plans above, 9Mobile data plans are among the most expensive of the data plans you can do, however, they offset this by providing relatively better and reliable Internet speeds and connectivity.

Do you use any of these data plans? If so, which one is your favorite and you will like to recommend? Let others know your opinion in our comments section.

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