Few Things You Should Know About Google AdSense Before You Join

Things you must be aware of before you join Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the best networks for traffic monetization and for the sale of ad space. However, the admission process to Google’s ad network is hard and can go bad very quickly. They will sometimes ask you to fix something without telling you what’s wrong. Sometimes, when you find your website extremely inappropriate for your ads, you can even list your domain forever.

Fortunately, if you know what can happen, you can prepare to counter every possibility. After all, when it comes to Google AdSense, the preparation is key and focused, so here it is–you should think about 5 things before you join AdSense and submit your website to your audit.

1. Review your Content

One of the most common reasons why Google AdSense rejects a website is that there is not enough content or content that does not match Google’s policy. Google is generally known for its extremely strict content approach and a long list of prohibited subjects.

You don’t accept adult content, gambling, hacking or cracking. They also do not accept subjects like alcohol, tobacco products or health care. If you have any misgivings, you can always check their official list.

If only certain parts of your website violate their content policy, you must consider and decide whether to delete or change these parts so that you can start publishing ads with Google AdSense.

If Some of the content on your website can be attributed to the prohibited list, you probably should start looking for other ad networks or monetizing options. On the other hand, if you violate your content policy a little bit, you have to consider and decide whether to delete or change these parts to start publishing ads with Google AdSense.

2. Be aware of the policy of clicks

The rule is that you should never click on advertisements on your own website or ask others to do so. Google doesn’t like to tunnel the opinion of the visitor. Similarly, the purchase of clicks and traffic in general is considered a violation of the AdSense policy and will most likely lead to a ban on you.

I probably don’t have to say that you may never join the same account / website again once you’re banned from AdSense, right? On the other hand, it is essentially the same for any other ad network in the PPC or PPM model, so a veteran website owner should not have anything new.

3. Quality is all.

Google loves high – quality websites, so quality over quantity is usually better when it comes to website content. I know some people who have not been accepted with more than 500 original subpages and some with their very rich and thoughtful 5 subpages.

By rule of thumb, 50 original, non-repetitive content subpages that also remain under one domain with AdSense content policy are sufficient to maximize your chances of being accepted and successful.

4. Break your former partnerships

Although some website plugins and advertisements can work with Google AdSense in theory, they are very rare and usually not very efficient. You can assume that only your toolset can be used if you want to join the AdSense. Other ad networks, affiliate programs like plugins must be deleted from the code of your website. This means fewer traffic monetization options.

Finally, you must check which option is more profitable for your company, but in many cases it is better to combine different types of advertising and not to keep all the eggs in one pan.

5. Rigid ROI and system for payment

Have you loved the wide range of possible options to withdraw money from your previous ad network? If you decide to work with Google AdSense, you can forget them. They only accept payments by wire transfer or by bank check in accordance with their transparency policy.

You can only see how much you have after the payment. This is a big NO for many people, because proper budget planning is at the heart of every business model.

You will have to give up your anonymity either way. The AdSense works even more confusingly, so you can never know how much you earn in advance.

Have you any other questions? Check out our complete Google AdSense guide for beginners on the Shorte.st blog. Also, be sure to share your previous AdSense experiences with us through e – mail or social media.


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