Get Twice Your Daily Use For Data, Text Messages And Calls To Glo Free Tomorrow.

Have you ever imagined your airtime being rewarded? If you are interested, you could try ” Glo Free Tomorrow Plan. ” As its name suggests, Glo Free Tomorrow is a great Glo plan that lets you double your daily use the next day.

How Does It Work?

You begin to enjoy the benefits of Glo Free Tomorrow when you migrate to the plan. 600 # dial to choose the Free Tomorrow profile.

It is completely free to choose the Free Tomorrow profile and you can use the advantages for browsing, calling and text messages to any Nigerian network. You can even call popular international destinations such as Canada, the USA, China, the United Kingdom and India with the Glo Free Tomorrow bonus.

The plan recognizes DOUBLE (200%) of any amount you spend on your Glo main account. However, there are some restrictions on the use of the bonus. You can use 75% of the Free Tomorrow bonus to call Glo only, but the remaining 25% is available for other purposes, such as calling other networks, international destinations, browsing, etc.

Call Rates and Basic Details

The Glo Free Tomorrow plan has relatively moderate rates of call: 28 kobo / seconds for calls, N4/SMS and 5 kobo / Kb data.

However, the bonus account charges are a bit upside down and exactly double the main account charges. Bonuses for calls in 56 kobo / seconds, N8/SMS and 10 kobo / Kb for data are charged.

The Glo Free Tomorrow bonus is also time – limited. In other words, it only lasts one day and expires at 11:59 pm exactly.

Checking Your Balance and Opting Out

While Glo will usually notify you when you receive the Free Tomorrow bonus, you can also check your Glo Free Tomorrow bonus by dialing # 122* 8 # simply.

If you use your free tomorrow bonus, you will also receive a notification.

Although you automatically opt out of the bonuses available in some other Glo data plans when you choose the Free Tomorrow profile, you can still benefit from the Glo Super Max data benefit. To benefit from this benefit, make sure you recharge* 223*PIN#.

It’s very easy and free to opt out of tomorrow’s Glo Free Plan. To opt out of the plan, simply dial *301#.


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