Honors Band 4 arrives in India on 24 December

The Honor was held in September when the Honor 8X and Honor 8X Max smartphones were introduced to the world. Following the announcement, I introduced the latest Honor Band 4 wristband, which will eventually appear outside China. The device is already listed as Amazon Exclusive and according to sources, it will arrive on 24 December.

The support team from Amazon India confirmed that the date is Christmas Eve although we doubt that it has something to do with the holiday. The price has yet to be established but is expected to be around INR1,999 (less than $ 30/€25), which is the equivalent of China’s price.

There is also a version with modest abilities for people who buy the Running Edition gadget for sports. I launched it in September at half the price of the regular variant and comes in many colors, unlike the Black, Blue or Pink Vanilla Band 4 versions.


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