Honour Works On A New Intelligent Watch On A MediaTek Platform

Honor has really worked long and hard in recent months. In India already the affordable Honor 8C and Honor 8X make great strides. During the various shopping holidays, the line – up of the company sold like crazy. In addition, devices such as Honor Magic 2 and the eagerly expected Honor View 20 establish a good reputation for the brand in the higher market and innovative segments.

Most of this sheer ” volume ” product is inevitable, at least somewhat related to the company’s relationship with Huawei’s parent and not limited to handsets. Honor unveiled its Watch Magic only recently a twin more or less slightly downgraded to the Huawei Watch GT. A new watch of honor is already on the horizon as showed by the Bluetooth SIG certificate.

Sadly, the public document does not provide a lot of hardware details about the mystery gadget, including the model number ” ELF-G10. ” However, it explicitly refers to it as an ” intelligent watch ” in contrast to a different wearable style, such as the Honor Band 4. However, the smart bit is obviously present, so the Bluetooth 4.0 low energy standard supports the document.

Another interesting piece of watch information is that it seems to be based on a MediaTek platform. While this is definitely not unheard of, it is a much less common choice of chipset compared to the wearable solutions of Qualcomm, which have the market share. That said, Huawei and Honor have experimented with their recent wearables on both the hardware and software fronts. For example, the Watch GT uses an innovative dual chipset design with a customized ultra-low-power chip that runs most of the watch’s basic functions and a more powerful package that only kicks in when required. Both companies have their own LiteOS operating system for watches on the software side. Maybe Honor is looking to further optimize the battery in this new wearable with another experimental platform design.


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