How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

In this tutorial we will teach you on how to customise your wordpress dashboard.

When you access your WordPress admin panel, the first thing you see is the Dashboard. It’s a collection of tools that give you information at a glance so you don’t have to navigate through various pages to get it. You can see, for example, the new comments, make a quick draft post, see the latest WordPress news and more.

Click the Screen Options button in the top – right part of your screen to configure what information you want to see on your WordPress Dashboard. It will expand a panel that allows you to activate and disable the various blocks of information you want to see / hide.

Once you have the tools that you want to use, you can simply drag and drop them around the screen. Note that your admin panel is responsive since WordPress version 3.8.

This means that you will see different number of available columns for your widgets depending on the size of your display. Furthermore, some of them can provide you with additional Dashboard gadgets when you install different plugins.


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