Huawei is working on a new SuperCharge 20W (SCP) Protocol

Huawei is developing a new 20W SuperCharge Protocol (SCP)

They released when the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro; the company announced its ridiculously fast 40W SuperCharge protocol, which can charge the 4,200 mAh cell from 0 to 100 percent in just 60 minutes. However, because of the high cost of production, the 40W charge protocol was limited to the Mate 20 Pro and the Magic 2 fee. This is where the rumored 20W SCP takes place.

A leaked document shows that the company is working on a new 20W loader type that uses half the SCP Gen amperage. Two uses. The new standard, therefore, applies 10V/2A instead of charging at 10V/4A and is expected to reach medium to high – end devices. It is expected to be announced in 2019–perhaps just in time for the Huawei P30 duo. Probably it is even safe to assume that the P30 fits the 20W charger while the P30 Profits the 40W.

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