Keep Surfing On Glo With Inexpensive Data- Qualities And Trends

Glo allows you to enjoy a number of cheap data features

Glo is king when it comes to cheap data in Nigeria. The prominence of Glo ‘s data has remained unrivaled for years. Although the mobile giant has gone a long way in its services, it is still the go-to data network. Glo *777# offers you a wide range of options, allowing you to enjoy a variety of features, benefits and offers.

What Glo *777# offers

Glo* 777 # enables subscribers to purchase data, plan Blackberry, access to international call offers and rooming offers, enjoy campus booster, voice offers, voice data combo offers and borrow airtime or data.

Data Services

You can buy mini-plans, monthlyplans, mega-plans, campus booster, data booster and night and weekend plans with Glo* 777#.

Mini Plans

The Glo mini plans consist mainly of a 1-day 100 MB N100 plan, a 5-day N200 plan of 262 MB and a 14-day N500 MB plan of 1 GB. It also includes smaller plans such as N50 ‘s 49.5 MB and N25 ‘s 22.5 MB, both valid for one day.

These plans are for users of light internet. You can also choose one of these plans if you want to check something online quickly, but don’t really require long – term data services.

Monthly Plans

The name ” monthly schedules ” is intuitive. It shows that all plans are valid for 30 days (1 month). It is interesting to note that Glo has many data plans classified under this category. The basics are N1000 with 2 GB,N2000 with 4.5 GB and N2500 with 7.2 GB.

Other Glo monthly plans include N3000 with 8.76 GB, N4000 with 12.5 GB, N5000 with 15.6 GB and N8000 with 25 GB. You can still choose 32.5 GB for N10000, 52.5 GB for N15000, 62.5 GB for N18000 and 78.7 GB for N20000 if you need more data volumes.

The monthly plans are classified as mega plans with sufficiently high data volumes. If you need lots of cheap data in 30 days, these plans are for you.

Campus Boosters

Airtel is not the only network offering its subscribers campus bonuses, Glo is also. Actually, Glo bonuses allow you to surf enormous data.

Glo offers 6 N100, N200, N500, N1000, N2000 and N5000 campus bonuses. For N100, Glo offers its subscribers 100 MB + 125 MB airtime + 25 MB data valid for 2 days on campus + N100. For N200, Glo offers 200 MB + 250 MB for 4 days on campus + N200 airtime + 50 MB data.

In addition, Glo offers on campus 500 MB + 625 MB + N500 airtime + 125 MB for N500 and 1 GB + 1.25 GB for campus + 1000 airtime + 250 MB for N1000 valid for 7 and 15 days. The N2000 and the N5000 offerings include higher campus boosters. They offer 2 GB + 2.5 GB on campus + airtime of N2000 and 5 GB + 6.25 GB on campus + airtime of N5000 + 1.25 GB, each valid for 30 days.

Data Boosters

You must never run out of data, Glo provides you with a way out without your plan being renewed. With Glo, you can add a very low cost to your data volume.

Glo offers two N200 and N500 data boosters respectively. The 300 MB N200 data booster is designed for daily and weekly schedules. The N500 data booster, on the other hand, offers 1 GB and is designed to boost monthly plans.

Plans for the night and weekend

The weekend is a time to chill out with your family and friends, it’s also an endless time to surf the Internet. Glo offers perfect data plans for this, which is interesting.

Glo night and weekend plans have two offerings, the 1 GB N200 and the 3 GB N500. The former is a night plan (valid from 12 am to 5 am on 1 day), while the latter is a weekend plan (valid from Saturday to Sunday for one week).

Other Features

Glo* 777 # lets you do a great deal more. You can share data with this offer seamlessly. You can even manage your data with a couple of clicks and explore many other options.


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