MTN data plans and codes

MTN Nigeria offers some of the best and affordable data plans in Nigeria. From my personal experience they do not have the fastest Internet connection or the cheapest, but what they have is the most reliable data plans. Where other network providers fail to turn up even on 2G , MTN still has a semblance of reliability. What are the data plans offered by MTN? This is the purpose of this article.

MTN Daily data plans

For those that need data urgently for something and you do notwant to spend much, the daily data plan is useful

For N100, you get 50MB.

To subscribe to this data plan , dial *104#

Another daily plan is 150MB for N200

To get this plan, dial the code *113#

MTN Weekly data plan

150MB – N300

To subscribe to this plan , dial the code *102#

750MB – N500

This 750MB is divided into 500MB during the day and 250MB from 1-7AM.

To get this data plan, dial *103#

MTN Monthly data plan

This plans are the most popular among regular folks.

For N1000, you get 1.5GB.

Dial *106# to subscribe to this plan

The other weekly plans are as follows

1.5GB – N1200

3.5GB – N2000.

This plan is divided into 2GB of data during the day and 1.5GB from 1-7am.

Dial *110# to subscribe to this plan.

5GB – N3500

Code : *107#

10GB – N5000

Code : *116#

22GB – N10000

Code : *117#

MTN 2-months data plan

50GB – N20000

MTN Quarterly data plan ( 3 months)

85GB – N50000


This data plan is my favorite out of all the MTN plans available, especially when I want to download things.

For N25 only, you get 500MB valid from 12am- 4am.

Sometimes, using this plan I download files of up to 2GB for N100 . I simply subscribe on 4 sim cards and swap sim cards when the data expires on one. What is more, I can do this every night!

To subscribe, send “Night” to 131.

For more data plans, visit the MTN website. And to check your balance send 2 to 131

Is there any plan you particularly enjoy and recommend? Please share with others in the comments section




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