OnePlus 5/5 T BeginsTo Receive Pie Open Beta For Android

OnePlus 5/5 T receives Android Pie Open Beta

In a new post, a staff member of the OnePlus forums announced that the Oxygen OS Open Beta for OnePlus 5 T and OnePlus 5 is now being implemented. It brings Android Pie with a long changelog list including new user interfaces, navigation gestures, improvements in communication, etc.

Parallel Apps, in theory, offers simultaneously the use of one messaging app with two accounts and the OnePlus Open Beta support is now wider and includes Telegram, Discord, IMO, Uber, OLA. The Weather app contains fixed bugs and problems and offers more suggestions when searching is used.

Since it’s Open Beta, everyone can join and report bugs on the OnePlus Community page via the Feedback page. People who have already flashed on Open Beta will receive the building as an OTA, otherwise, flash it.


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