Qualcomm Is arranged To Support Foldable Phones

Snapdragon 855 is ready for foldable phones

Future of any smartphones is 5G with speeds that rival your current WiFi connection, but we’re also hearing about the foldable phone trend coming in 2019.

However, Kressin was quick to point out that, “we’re not going to talk a lot about it,” noting that “we don’t have specific features we would like to announce today.” 5G has largely been the focus during this year’s Snapdragon SummitThe good news is that chipmaker Qualcomm says it’s ready to support the foldable phone revolution. The company’s new Snapdragon 855 chipset supports that idea, even though foldable haven’t been a big topic at its Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii.

“We’re ready for [foldable phones],” said Keith Kressin, Qualcomm’s senior vice president of product management, in a response to a question from TechRadar. “And if an OEM wants to introduce a mobile with a Snapdragon 855, awesome.”

Foldable phones would only need slight chip changes

Samsung demoed its ‘Infinity Flex Display’ technology at its developer conference in November. That technology may come to the rumoured Galaxy X(or Galaxy F) in 2019. We could see more of this phone at CES 2019 or MWC 2019. There’s no guarantee that Samsung will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 in its foldable phone – or any phone including the inevitable Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

Qualcomm, which has its Snapdragon chips at the heart of a majority of top Android phones, won’t have to change much to support the advent of foldable phones.  In other words, only minor tweaks may be needed. He noted that any tweaks to the System on a Chip largely “depend on how the OEM wants to do the foldable.” So far there’s only one Qualcomm OEM partner showing a foldable phone prototype: Samsung.

But the two firms work closely together, with Samsung using Snapdragon chipsets in some of its flagship phones and actually manufacturing Qualcomm’s chips through a strategic partnership. “There are changes required,” said Kressin. “But instead of being processing focused, it’s more like display subsystem changes, and some GPU changes.”

When TechRadar asked Samsung to comment on the future of foldable phones, the company preferred to wait until its hardware is ready to be shown in full in 2019. By that time, the next Snapdragon Summit may hold chip surprises dedicated to Foldable.

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