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SmartSHARE One Airtel best Pack

Airtel offers a seamless way to share data with Airtel SmartSHARE, you don’t have to be a small company to share data with Airtel. This allows families and friends to share and use a laptop, tablet and phone data plan. This feature can, of course, also be used easily by companies to manage data between employees using a centralized source.

Options for data sharing

You can share data in two different ways with Airtel SmartSHARE: me2U and gift.

  • If you have already bought and want to share the bundle with others, Me2U is the right choice for you. One drawback is that you can only measure up to one client at a time.
  • You can also purchase a package for another customer by giving the customer a ” Gift. ” Gifting gives you the opportunity to buy packages for as many people as possible. Interestingly, you can give every bundle of Airtel and Android.

Summary of the key features

Unlike Me2U, ” gift ” can be renovated automatically. In addition, the validity of the ” Gift ” depends on the validity of the gifted bundle, but the validity of the Me2U depends on the residual validity of the owner’s customer.

Auto renewal is not always desperately wanted in Nigeria by the populace of Airtel customers. You can opt out of auto-replacement on donation to another customer or when you purchase an Airtel plan. To do this, just ” STOP ” text to 141. You can start with Airtel SmartSHARE by calling* 141 # and following the prompts, whether you want to give or share data. Airtel may, however, require you to modify your default PIN prior to sharing data with another client.

How to share and give

You can access both SmartSHARE methods by dialing* 141 # and selecting 5 from the pop – up menu.

The first thing to do is to modify your PIN. To do this, choose 1 from the new menu. The default PIN is 1234 (you can use the default PIN as well).

To give data, select 2 from the menu and then select the monthly package that you want to give. The options available are ” monthly packages, ” ” weekly / day packages ” and ” mega packages. ” To give monthly bundles, for example, select 1 and then select the bundle that you want to give.

Choose 3 and 2 for Me2U to ” send Me2U from existing allowance. ” You are prompted to enter the number and volume of data you would like to share.

The sharing and donation of data was never easier than Airtel SmartSHARE does. You can start on any Airtel SIM and any Airtel bundle with SmartSHARE.


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