The Best Fortnite Gaming Keyboards

The best keyboards for Fortnite

If you play a game like Fortnite, your chances of winning will largely fall to your skills and your planning. Some of it will be lucky because it isn’t exactly a winning start on a gray pistol after dropping in. But the gaming accessories you use can also play an enormous role as they can make sure that nothing interferes with your perfect game. Therefore you want to invest in Fortnite’s best game keyboard.

A bad keyboard can do a lot to restrain you. If you don’t have a quick response time in Fortnite ‘s frenzied building, jumping, gunfights, you may be caught by a bullet that could have been avoided by a millisecond jump earlier.

A spotless wireless keyboard or one locked from the rollover key can also be an enormous problem. You want to know you press the keys that are as responsive as you are. It can switch a wireless signal off at the worst time, and a keyboard with a limited rollover can not detect additional keys if you press many at once.

We have some great keyboards for Fortnite that will help you avoid all these possible problems while also addressing other issues, such as noise, prices and occasional real-world problems.

Budget: Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Programmable keys: No

Highly affordable
Acceptable included mouse
Tactile switches
Some squeakiness
No customization

You might have heard mechanical switches are all gaming keys, but there are many solid keys that blur the line between the membrane and the mechanical switches. The MasterSet MS120 keyboard in the Cooler MasterSet nails this formula with a mem-mechanical keyboard that provides the loud, tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard without one. And this helps to avoid the steeper price of true mechanical keyboards.

Although there are no software options to customize the lighting to create special settings for Fortnite or other games, you still get dazzling RGB lighting at the price. You still have a capable gaming keyboard with ultra – short actuation at a low price, so you don’t have to press to get the action you want. In addition, you have a decent mouse included, which will almost definitely be an upgrade if you come from a basic mouse.

Balanced: Corsair K68 RGB

Balanced: Corsair K68 RGB

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Programmable keys: Yes

Protected against spills
Fair price
Decently quiet
Sub-par wrist rest
Tricky lighting customization

The K68 RGB Keyboard from Corsair offers an excellent value option for players. It’s a true mechanical keyboard, with Cherry MX Red key switches, but underneath each keycap there is a rubber domes, which has a dual function. They make the keys quieter than usual with mechanical keyboards and protect the keyboard against spills. The rubber domes also make the RGB lighting nice even if the customization software of Corsair is a little difficult to use.

Given the length of the Battle Royale matches in Fortnite and the fact you could die at the beginning and sit around the whole match while waiting to see how the rest of your squad fairs are, it is reasonable to have a snack and a drink during your play. And it doesn’t hurt to have a keyboard that shrinks even a serious spill because accidents can happen. We poured nearly a liter of water on this keyboard and continued to type through it with no problems. That’s the resilience we wish our teammates would have in the face of trouble.

Premium Logitech G513

Premium: Logitech G513

Interface: Wired | Keyboard backlighting: Yes | Programmable keys: Yes

Wonderful key switches
Plus palm rest
Only USB 2.0 pass-through
ExpensiveThe G513 of Logitech is easily the best, premium keyboard for Fortnite. This offers excellent performance, clean design and peace of mind for your teammates or your streaming audience. The Logitech G513 uses the company’s own Romer-G Linear switches that conveniently top the Cherry MX Reds found in many keyboards. They’re also silent to type with, so no more mates tell you to turn off your microphone.

The RGB on this keyboard is wonderful, and you’ll be able to customize it to glow just how you want for Fortnite, helping you remember which keys you’ve set to which actions. And, making you long play sessions all the more comfortable is the plush, full-length palm rest that’s included in the package. Though the USB pass-through disappointingly offers just USB 2.0 speeds, that’s enough for a gaming mouse. This one comes at a price, but that’s to be expected from the best.


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