The Best Social Use Airtel Data Plan

Best Airtel Social Use Data Plan

A whopping 26 million Nigerians are the highest in Africa on Facebook. No doubt, social media is not just a leisure anymore, it’s a lifestyle now. While you can easily choose Airtel ‘s monthly plans for a comprehensive browsing experience, it’s much easier to subscribe to Airtel ‘s low – cost social media data plan to keep track of regular social platform events, especially if your browsing needs are social media specific.

Airtel offers four social information plans that allow you to choose the one that makes the most sense to you. The plans you choose should depend on what you want and what social media access you want.

Airtel N25 – 10MB plan

If You really want to chat with friends, relatives and business partners through Whatsapp alone, the N25 Airtel data plan is tailored to your needs. This plan has a validity period of 1 day but allows you to chat as much as possible, but Whatsapp calls are not supported.

You can subscribe to this social plan by calling* 948* 4 # with the USSD code.

Other Airtel Social Platform Data Plans

Most of the time you would like the freedom to chat, browse and remain active on as many social networks as you can. You want to actively browse Whatsapp while still recording the events on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, and so on. Airtel ‘s social data planning makes this possible.

Airtel provides a 20 MB N50 data plan, a 50 MB N100 data plan, and a 600 MB N300 data plan. In addition, the periods of validity of these data plans vary. The Airtel data plan for 20 MB is valid for 1 day, the plan for 50 MB for 5 days and the plan for 600 MB for 25 days.

By dialing 9914#, 50MB plan by dialing 6883# and 600MB plan by dialing 6881#, you can also subscribe to the 20MB plan.

The Airtel Social Plan to Choose

As already mentioned, the Airtel 10MB social plan is the best plan for you if you only want to surf Whatsapp. The 20MB plan is the best for you, however, if you want to surf all social networks for one day at a very affordable price. If you need a plan with a longer validity period, you can consider the 600MB Airtel data plan.


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