Tutorial: How To Fix Your Leaking VPN Connection

In our last tutorial on VPN, we enlightened you on knowing if your VPN is disclosing your queries.

Now lets look at how you can fix this breaches;

  • If anything is being leaked, its better to fix it sooner than later. You need to switch off your IP.
  • If your VPN is turned on and your real IP is still being leaked, check again. Make sure the VPN is turned on, or that the client is installed correctly.
  • If you are using OpenVPN make sure you have the certificate in the right place.
  • Go through the VPN pages FAQ, and make sure you have it on.
  • If its still being leaked and you are 100% confident its on, contact the support team, or get are fund.

As your Flash or Java is getting leaked, it probably fits in with the DNS leaks. But just for extra security, be sure you are using SSTP/OpenVPNprotocol. Its the most secure, and most VPN providers offer it. If not, PPTP, and L2TP protocols are worthless.

Even if you are using your VPNon Android, or iOS MAKE SURE they support OpenVPN. There are OpenVPN apps for both. The top 2 providers that offer it are AirVPN, and Private Internet Access.

If your bittorent IP is being leaked it may have to do with your DNS in part. But if not, make sure you have it set up correctly. Make sure you have your ports set up correctly, and you are using a reliable client. If it continues to leak again, check if the VPN is on.If this persists, it could be a DNS leak, or very poor quality VPN that cannot hold connections (I have had a few that did this in the past).

If you have DNS leaks.This is the most common problem, and the fix is simple. Either point your DNS to a free non-logging DNS, or choose what you want to use.. For one, you can download dnsfixsetup.exe (from DNSLeaktest.com) which will stop DNS leaks for you automatically. But its much better to use  DNSBench which is a manual option.


This tutorial has enlightened you on knowing how to fix your VPN from disclosing your queries. Share your views and comments in the box below.

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