What is RCS and What Makes it Superior Than SMS?

The new style of messaging trend

SMS has been with us for over a fourth of a century and it won’t leave at any point in the near future. Be that as it may, it’s truly demonstrating its age and many have moved to texting – WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk – for the advantageous highlights these applications offer over plain SMS.

As of late Google has begun (with the assistance of carriers) to thrust RCS – Wealthy Communication Administrations. In the event that we had to portray it in three words they would be “iMessage for Android”.

RCS vs. IM

Why not fair keep utilizing WhatsApp or one of the others? That’s why – SMS could be a center include of versatile systems and each phone underpins it, there are no “others”, no competing and contradictory benchmarks. In case somebody features a versatile phone number, they can get an SMS and it’s that unwavering quality and ubiquity that keeps the ancient texting framework lively.


RCS takes a parcel of motivation from moment informing apps. Enhancements over SMS incorporate the self-evident things: no message length constraint and local back for gather chats. But there’s more. 

You’ll be able send records over RCS, which suggests full determination photographs, a stamped change over the overwhelming compression in MMS (indeed a few IM apps compress photographs some time recently sending them). This may too be utilized for common record sharing, so you’ll be able send somebody a PDF without going through mail.

Since RCS is a carrier feature, they can detect when a phone is not RCS-compatible and fall back to plain SMS. This ensures that messages will be delivered, even if they lose the advanced functionality.

RCS will also have a web interface, so you can seamlessly move between texting on your phone and on a computer (if you’re using Google’s Messages app, you can already do this with SMS too).

Be that as it may, where RCS truly sparkles is how businesses need to utilize it.

RCS for businesses

RCS can convey customized substance and offers intelligently highlights. Envision this: you purchase a ticket, the company sends you an RCS message with a QR code boarding pass. A button will bring up extra choices (e.g. a lunch menu) and in the event that additional installment is essential, you’ll be able total it all without taking off the Messages app.

Or a delivery company sends you a message about an incoming parcel and there are handy buttons to track the delivery or redirect it if needed. Or a hotel reservation with a map to get you there and contact info.

Okay, these things can be done over SMS and email too. However, RCS promises a unified and streamlined experience – and the shine of a new, modern platform.


RCS verifies the sender of each message, which should help fight phishing and other scams. However, the system has been criticized for not supporting end-to-end encryption (like iMessage, Telegram and others), which raises privacy concerns.

RCS vs. iMessage

Google doesn’t have the best history when it comes to launching messaging platforms, but RCS is an industry standard with carrier support. It’s coming, the only question is how quickly it will replace SMS.

We figure Apple may have a major affect on how rapidly RCS is received – no back on iPhone would cruel individuals in western markets (where Apple encompasses a huge market share) will adhere to WhatsApp when they have to be chat over stages. But RCS on iPhone may spell fate for iMessage, so we are able see why Tim Cook & co. can be hesitant to embrace the modern framework.

Can I use RCS today?

In case you’re in Japan, completely. North America and a few European nations have different RCS-enabled carriers as well. Here’s the official list of carriers that back RCS.


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