YouTube Creators Can See Drop In Subscribers When Spam Accounts are Processed

YouTube creators can see drop in subscribers when they deal with spam accounts

A platform like YouTube is also plagued by fake accounts that are only channel subscribers but never YouTube users. Many of these accounts spread spam in video comments, which exacerbates the platform’s overall user experience. 

In a message, the platform now shows that it will contact these spam accounts as soon as possible. According to YouTube, I will complete all work on spam accounts on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 December–after that, it’s also easier to see the effects on creators who have already been warned by YouTube. 

With these actions, YouTube hopes to turn its platform into a fairer field of play, I often use spam accounts to make creators look bigger and more important. 

The platform shows that a good deal of spam accounts have already been deleted, but not all spam accounts have been deleted for a short time because of a system error: “We check the legitimacy of accounts and actions on your YouTube channel regularly, “reads the blog post. “We have identified and will remove several subscribers that have been spam from our systems as part of these regular checks. “Large accounts such as PewDiePieand T-Series, which are fighting to win over most subscribers, will decline–although smaller creators may still be the biggest victims of spam removal. 

No or fewer incomes

The drawback for smaller accounts is that they can get credit for their videos under the critical limit on YouTube–by placing advertisements. When creators reach 1,000 subscribers, they fall outside the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), the platform recommends that creators register once they have retrieved sufficient subscribers: “ Channels with a high percentage of spam and less than 1,000 subscribers will no longer meet the minimum requirement for YPP and will be removed from the program. They are encouraged to reapply once they have organically rebuilt their subscribers. 

Whether or not a creator becomes a ‘ victim ‘ of the removal of spam accounts can be found soon in YouTube Studio, the platform will place banners to inform the creators about the action on its channel.


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