YouTube Rewind 2018 The Most Hated Video

This year, YouTube Rewind 2018 video has broken the record as the most hated video for most YouTube users. At present, there are at least 11 million ‘ dislikes from the video. This number alone beat Justin Bieber Baby’s video, which has been recorded to date with about 9.8 million’ dislike. ‘

YouTube Rewind itself is an annual video produced by official YouTube, in which the parties make a video that discusses the flashbacks of any videos that have been viral throughout the year.

The reason behind the many’ Dislike ‘ videos owned by the YouTube Rewind 2018 video itself is quite simple: the video did not feature several viral videos in 2018.

Some are similar to KSI vs. Logan Paul, Pewie Pie or Shane Dawson, Johny Johny Yes Papa and more on the children’s song video. Here’s the video below, watch and let us know what you think… did it really deserve so many thumbs down?


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